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Understanding The Different Types Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding rings do come in different styles, materials, and design. There are so many options that one can choose from when it comes to buying Eternity Rings. This fact at times makes the selection process a challenge to many people, but someone with a specific idea in mind will find it easy. Diamonds is one of the gems that has been used in the production and designing of wedding rings. It is usually associated with class, status and the beauty that comes with it. Diamond rings do come in different forms, and there are varieties available in the market. They are broadly classified in accordance with their design, setting type, shape, diamond cuts and the metal that has been used to make the ring. When thinking of purchasing a ring made of diamond for your wedding, it is essential that you are familiar with those factors and have a good understanding.

When it comes to diamond rings by design, the number of stones does matter. The common ones those are available in the market that fit this classification are solitaire rings, side stone rings and pave rings. Solitaire rings are usually designed with only one diamond in the setting. Rings with side stones, on the other hand, do have a single diamond in the middle but surrounded by smaller ones. The common one in this type is one with one diamond in the center and two stones on both sides. Custom Engagement Rings are designed with small diamonds attached to the band. The diamonds are held with small metal prongs.

Diamond rings are also grouped depending on the way they are set. We have those referred to Bazel setting that has the diamond stone surrounded either fully or partially with a metal band. Channel setting as the name suggests have diamonds held in a channel. The others include invisible settings where the diamonds are held by metal underneath that cannot be seen, and tension setting has the diamond held from both side in such a way that the band applies pressure.

Diamond rings do come in different shapes that are determined by the type of cut. This includes round, oval and rectangular cuts. The common one available in the market and is purchased by many people is the round shape diamond wedding rings. The type of metal is also a way to classify diamond rings. They include platinum rings that are commonly considered for their color and durability. There are also white gold and yellow gold diamonds rings. Get more details here:

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